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Non Disclosure Agreement Recitals

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Non Disclosure Agreement Recitals

Non-disclosure agreements are essential documents for businesses that want to protect their confidential information. They contain specific terms and conditions that prohibit the recipients of the information from disclosing or using it for any other purpose than what was initially intended. Non-disclosure agreements also have recitals that set out the purpose and scope of the agreement. Understanding these recitals is critical in ensuring that the document`s intended purpose is met.

Recitals in non-disclosure agreements are preambular statements that explain why the agreement is necessary and what it hopes to achieve. These statements typically provide context and set the tone for the rest of the agreement. They are not legally binding but are essential in interpreting the document. Here are some common non-disclosure agreement recitals:

1. Purpose: This recital should clearly state the reason for the non-disclosure agreement. It should indicate the type of information being disclosed and why it is considered confidential. The purpose recital should be as specific as possible to avoid confusion.

2. Confidential Information: This recital should define the information that is being protected by the agreement. It should also clarify how the information should be marked or identified as confidential. The definition should be broad enough to cover all relevant information but not so broad that it becomes unclear.

3. Obligations: This recital should outline the obligations of the recipient of the confidential information. It should specify how the information should be used and the circumstances under which it can be shared. The obligations section should also indicate the time frame within which the recipient should keep the information confidential.

4. Exclusions: This recital should specify the types of information that are excluded from the non-disclosure agreement. For example, information that is already in the public domain or that is independently developed by the recipient may not be covered by the agreement.

5. Term: This recital should specify the duration of the non-disclosure agreement. It should indicate the start date and end date, or the circumstances under which the agreement will terminate.

In conclusion, non-disclosure agreements are important documents that protect a company`s confidential information. Recitals in these agreements set the tone for the rest of the document and provide essential context. As a professional, it is important to ensure that these recitals are clear, concise, and specific to avoid misinterpretation. Understanding the purpose and scope of the agreement is key to ensuring that it serves the intended purpose of protecting confidential information.

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